We are Cybersecurity Artists

At Security Quotient we all come to work every day to solve the biggest problem when it comes to end-users and Cybersecurity. Everyone's training. No one's engaging.

Cybersecurity is jargon. Terms and phrases that alienate the non-csybersecurity end-user. But, the non-cybersecurity end-user is 99% of the workforce. The awesome people in sales, marketing, admin, data analysis, HR, finance...and cybercriminals target them.

Cybersecurity touches the work and life of every end-user. The end-user matters.

How do you get them on your side?

The mission

Our mission at Security Quotient is to go beyond Cybersecurity training. We stand for building responsible Cybersecurity culture. By, responsible Cybersecurity culture, we intend that the majority of the workforce should adopt and practice Cybersecurity with a positive attitude.

Some call it training. We call it engagement.

We pursue our mission by creating opportunities for the CISO and Cybersecurity teams to engage with end-users. Training is an opportunity.

Our creative designers work with Cybersecurity subject matter experts to design training content that is more visual and less text. Content that enables end-users to immerse, analyse and experience Cybersecurity.

The journey so far

After finishing college, Anup Narayanan, the founder of Security Quotient, was intrigued by the emerging field of computer and network security.

There were hardly any colleges or universities offering degrees in computer or network security in India in the year 2000. Hence, teaching himself computer and network, Anup worked for 5 years in the industry in various security roles. After 5 years, Anup decided to go solo.

Security Quotient Pvt Ltd (formerly First Legion Consulting Pvt Ltd) was incorporated on the 16th of December, 2005 in Kochi, India.

The company's initial objective focused on Information Security consulting. In a few years, a niche became visible. There were many players in the information security consulting and technology space. But, hardly anyone offering solutions for the most important third vector in Information Security - Humans.

Anup began by offering simple awareness solutions like animations, posters and screen savers, often working solo or with freelance developers. Slowly but steadily the clientele grew.

By 2012, the company was solely focused on the human factor. Significant investments were made to improve content quality by introducing animations, 3D simulations and illustrations. More people were added as it became obvious that clients were sticking and expanding the scope of services.

Fast forward to the present, Security Quotient is proud of its client footprint in 23 countries and the content that it has offered in 10 languages.

The future looks bright and promising with the prospect of introducing web and mobile apps in the space of end-user Cybersecurity engagement.

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