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About Security Quotient

Cyber Security is all jargon. It desperately needs a dose of Art and Imagination. When Art and Imagination blends with Cyber Security, it reaches out to employees. They understand, accept and embrace Cyber Security. They seamlessly integrate it with their work habits. And that’s when organizations start building a positive Cyber Security culture.

The mission

Our mission at Security Quotient is to go beyond Cyber Security Awareness training. We want to enable organizations build a positive Cyber Security culture using awareness training as a positive communication tool to engage employees and end users.

Enable the CISO and employees to engage each other

Cyber Security Awareness Training is not another regulatory check-box. We see it as a powerful communication tool that can help build positive relationships between the CISO (the Cyber Security team) and the employees. Whenever we undertake a project, we are not creating just training content. We are enabling positive communication.

Employees of Security Quotient demonstrating Virtual Reality Training for Cyber Security

The way we work

Being a company that was born online, our work philosophy embraces creativity and collaboration. We eschew rigidity in favour of flexibility. We favour collaboration instead of silos. We want to be a microcosm of the whole world.

Our work philosophy embraces the following;

Work from anywhere in the world

The notion that workers must travel and congregate in a building with four walls and a roof to get work done is invalid. At Security Quotient, we believe that we can be a truly global company, distribute our work and make it happen anywhere. We leverage amazing technology to connect, collaborate and produce awesome work.

Work with anyone from anywhere in the world

We look beyond the horizon to seek amazing talent. We are ready to embrace and nurture talent from anywhere in the world. Our doors are open. We wish to be a truly global company that can work with people across geographies.

Evaluate employees by one important parameter - Work

When truly global, we may not see team members everyday. We may not be able to observe them work. But, this gives us an opportunity to evaluate people by the one parameter that matters - Work. Our evaluation parameters are driven by a simple question - What did you achieve?

Deeply care about the well-being of employees

Work should bring joy. Families should not bear the brunt of a father or mother who trudges home after a day of horrible commute back and forth from work. Children deserve healthy parents more than immensely salaried parents.

As a company, we must give confidence to every worker that they can blend a beautiful family life and a beautiful career when they work with us.

We actively encourage remote work. Our policies are friendly to parents to help raise their children better. We have stringent controls and reporting mechanisms that help to report harassment.

Consider planet earth in every decision we make

We want to grow, we want to be profitable, but without hurting the environment.

Any question of business expansion or growth must consider planet earth. We promote remote work to reduce carbon footprint by reducing commute, cooling and power consumption. We do appreciate or pursue so-called success criteria like huge office spaces, car parking etc as we believe they harm the environment.

The story

Security Quotient's story is based on simple principles. Identify a niche. Be patient. Acquire good clients and good employees. Take good care of them. Keep learning and innovate.

The founding

After finishing college, Anup Narayanan, the founder of Security Quotient, was intrigued by the emerging field of computer and network security.

There were hardly any colleges or universities offering degrees in computer or network security in India in the year 2000. Hence, teaching himself computers and networking, Anup worked for 5 years in the industry in various security roles. After 5 years, Anup decided to go solo.

Security Quotient Pvt Ltd (formerly First Legion Consulting Pvt Ltd) was incorporated on the 16th of December, 2005 in Kochi, India.

The initial years

The initial focus was on Information Security consulting. In a few years, a niche became visible. There were many players in the information security consulting and technology space. But, hardly anyone offering solutions for the most important third vector in Information Security - Humans.

The company started offering simple awareness solutions like animations, posters and screen savers, often working with freelance developers. Slowly and steadily the clientele grew. By 2012, the focus was solely on Cyber Security Awareness training. Significant investments were made to improve content quality by introducing animations, 3D simulations and illustrations. The team size was expanded as it became obvious that clients were sticking and new ones were coming through references.

The present

Fast forward to the present, Security Quotient is proud of its client footprint across geographies, industries and languages. Security Quotient operates offices in India and Singapore. We rely mostly on internal capability with a talented and experienced team based in Kochi, Kerala, India.

The future

We are making serious investments in the space of cloud computing and mobile technology to develop new solutions and services. We are excited about the possibilities of enabling businesses of all sizes and types to use our services. We will involve our clients and our audience as we innovate.

Our clients

We have delivered to the best.

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