About us

We are cyber security artists

We blend cyber security knowledge and art to create security awareness content.

About Security Quotient

The company

Security Quotient Pvt Ltd (formerly First Legion Consulting Pvt Ltd) is a cyber security awareness and competence management firm incorporated in India on December 16, 2005. Our offices are located in the south Indian city of Kochi, by the Arabian sea. We incorporated our first international branch office in Singapore on April 17, 2018.

Our mission

To empower cyber security managers to build the human layer of defence through creative, customised cyber security awareness training.

The motivation

Cyber security depends on 3 components - people, process and technology. The processes and technology are only as good as the people who use them. Since we began our journey in 2005, we noticed a lack of meaningful, comprehensive solutions to mitigate human-related risks to cyber security.

We saw the problem as an opportunity. An opportunity that triggered the birth of a concept that we named - Security Quotient. Today, the concept is the company.

Who we serve?

We have two important clients - the cyber security manager and the end-user. We connect them.

What do we do?

We come to work every day with a higher purpose - to design content that connects cyber security managers and end-users. Content, that triggers positive cyber security conversations. Content that is creative, visually engaging and imparts knowledge with minimal cognitive load.

The difference is, customisation

To put it simply, we don't do off-the-shelf. Off-the-shelf content never connects with the end-users. Hence, the money spent on training is largely worthless beyond ticking the training check-box.

At Security Quotient we pursue deep engagement. We listen and pursue meaningful conversations with our clients in order to create 100% customised content that is perfectly aligned with the business, brand, culture and values of our client.

Our values

Our values are simple and time-honoured. We pursue our work with a higher purpose - enable our clients to become better. We treat everyone - clients, colleagues, suppliers, fellow human beings, animals and the environment with kindness and respect.

The management team

Anup Narayanan, Founder and CEO of Security Quotient

Anup Narayanan, CISA

Founder CEO and Managing Director

Cyber security practitioner since 1999, founder of Security Quotient, independent filmmaker and avid traveller. Read full bio...

Thomas Kurian, Head of Security Awareness and Competence, Security Quotient

Thomas Kurian Ambattu, CRISC

Director, Head of Security Awareness and Competence

Practicing cyber security for more than 20 years. Manages the entire delivery cycle at Security Quotient. Life-long learner and avid community contributor. Read full bio...

The journey

Security Quotient's story is based on simple principles. Identify a niche, deliver great services, be patient, innovate and never stop learning.

The founding

After finishing college, Anup was intrigued by the emerging field of computer and network security. Teaching himself computers and cyber security, Anup worked for 5 years in various IT and Information Security jobs. In 2005, he went solo and incorporated Security Quotient Pvt Ltd (formerly First Legion Consulting Pvt Ltd).

The initial years

While the initial focus was information security consulting, a niche was becoming visible. There was hardly anyone offering solutions to mitigate human-related risks. Most companies had security awareness programs restricted to freely downloadable posters.

In early 2007, Security Quotient started offering customised animations, posters and screen savers. By 2012, the client-base had grown significantly. The focus was now exclusively cyber security awareness. Significant investments were made to add animations, 3D simulations and illustrations to the delivery portfolio. The team was expanded to include creative designers and e-learning authors.

The present

Security Quotient today has a diverse client footprint across geographies. Our clientele covers various industry verticals. We have proudly delivered awareness training in numerous languages thus touching learners across different cultures with cyber security.

Significantly more than 80% of our clients continue to engage us beyond the first year. A key propellent of our growth has been word of mouth references.

The future

While the fundamentals of cyber security remain the same, the context and methods evolve. Our clients face new cyber security challenges. Security awareness amongst employees must evolve with every new risk. The workforce is increasingly mobile and the demand on their time is increasing. Further, the focus is shifting from security awareness to security competence.

We observe and we learn. Our content is being optimised for the busy learner through micro-learning. We design and deliver 3D cyber-risk simulations to go beyond awareness and to focus on competence.

Our adoption of Virtual Reality for security awareness training is our commitment to immersive and innovative learning methods that can motivate behaviour change.

We are engaging cyber security professionals every day through 'The Human Factor Radar' by offering free security awareness alerts. We are enthusiastically developing new solutions on the cloud that are optimised for increasingly mobile learners.