Anju Raj

Associate Project Manager, Delivery

Anju is an Associate Project Manager at Security Quotient, where she has been working since May 2023. She has over seven years of experience in the engineering sector, having worked in engineering colleges as an assistant professor, a learning and development specialist, and in project manager roles. Anju has a strong foundation in engineering, particularly in electronics, communication, and power systems, which gives her a unique perspective on her primary focus areas. Her expertise in learning, development, and management, combined with her experience as a solution provider and content creator, allows her to drive strategic initiatives and deliver impactful results in her current cyber security solution provider role.

Articles authored by Anju Raj


Creating a GDPR-aligned Cyber Security Awareness Training Program

Designing a GDPR-focused awareness program should be a strategic approach that addresses the unique needs of your business while adequately covering the regulation. Here are the key factors to guide you in the process:

Operational Technology

How to Design and Deliver an OT Cyber Security Training Course?

Organizations dealing with operational technology typically have a diverse range of roles, from engineers and technicians to administrative staff and management. Each group has different levels of interaction with OT systems and, consequently, varying needs for cyber security knowledge.

Equipping OT staff with the knowledge and skills to recognize phishing attempts and other social engineering tactics can significantly improve the organization’s security posture.

Operational Technology

Top 5 Commonly Found Risks in OT Cyber Security

As operational technology becomes increasingly reliant on internet-facing systems, its cyber security risks have grown more severe and complex. While cyber security experts have been warning about these risks for years, the adoption of adequate measures has been relatively slow, resulting in numerous incidents affecting critical systems and infrastructure.

Operational Technology

Why is OT Cyber Security Important?

Traditionally, OT security mainly focused on ensuring the physical safety and functionality of machines across various locations. But, thanks to the increasing integration with IT, factory operations are more reliant on digital technologies, opening up a plethora of cyber risks.

Cyber Security Assessments

Benefits of a Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Even with advanced cyber security technologies, blind spots persist due to complex IT environments and evolving cyber threats. Additionally, human error and legacy systems contribute to overlooked vulnerabilities, necessitating constant vigilance and adaptation of security measures.