Anti-phishing training solutions

Deliver phishing simulation training without pseudo-attacking and demotivating the end-users.

Anti Phishing Simulation Training
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Anti-Phishing Training Strategy

Anti-phishing training that respects end-users

Sending pseudo-phishing emails and attacking end-users had a novelty value. But, over time, it has worn off and serves nothing more than irritating the end-user. Numerous clients have highlighted that attack-based training builds resentment towards the cyber security team from end-users.

Anti Phishing Scenarios

Multiple phishing scenarios: CXO, End-User, Ransomware and more.

Develop multiple phishing scenarios based on your phishing risk profile. Explore CXO phishing, card frauds, psychological tactics, spoofing of reputed brand names and more. Our team will assist you in choosing fit-for-purpose anti-phishing simulations.

Fully customized phishing-simulations

With the benefit of deep insight provided by customers, we have designed anti-phishing simulations that respect the end-user’s time and involvement. Each simulation enables end-users to deeply explore the characteristics of a phishing email and learn deeply.

100% custom-built

Each phishing simulation is made-to-order to ensure perfect alignment with your phishing risk exposure, cyber security policies and brand guidelines.

Phishing simulations

Rather than pseudo-attacking the end-user, we use deep phishing simulations that enable the learner to explore each phishing email deeply.

Choose your phishing scenarios

Select the phishing scenarios based on your phishing risk exposure, and we will build them for you.

Integrated with e-Learning courses or stand-alone

You may choose to integrate the simulations within an e-learning course or have them developed independently.

In-depth reports with scores

Each simulation generates user interaction reports and scores that helps you analyze the quality and impact of anti-phishing training.

Compatible with your existing LMS

Our training modules are compatible with all SCORM/ AICC and xAPI compliant learning management systems (LMS).

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