Anti-Phishing Training

Phishing is a technique that has always been at the forefront of every cyberattack. In such attacks, the primary target is always the employee. Our customized anti-phishing training enables your employees to fight against phishing attacks. Each phishing test perfectly aligns with your organization’s policies, brand, and culture. 

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Mock Phishing Tests

fig. Mock Phishing dashboard

Test your employees with customizable phishing email templates. Here is a selection of phishing email examples that are used as part of our phishing testing service. Schedule a demo to explore more.



CEO Fraud



End- User



Spear Phishing

Gamified Anti-Phishing Simulation

fig. Phishing Simulation

Phishing is not as common among organizations as it once was. Wonder what could be done otherwise? We have you covered! Prepare your employees to identify phishing emails through gamified training. Schedule a demo to explore more.


IT desk





Phishing Platform

fig. Report generation from phishing platform

Deliver phishing campaigns tailor made for each department in your organization using our secure and dedicated instance. Listed below are few of its features. Schedule a demo to explore more.


Report generation


Dedicated instance


Department focused campaigns

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions.

Yes, we do but to the extent of the customer’s requirement. The minimum requirement for a phishing assessment is the official email ids of the users. However, we do not require sharing any other information about the user or the organization.

Each customer is provisioned with a secure single dedicated instance of the platform. This means that access to the platform is restricted to that particular customer. There is no data shared between customer accounts.

The data is retained as per the requirement of the client. However, we do not retain any assessment data or information after 90 days from the date of the expiration of the contract, unless explicitly mentioned by the customer.

Yes, the Anti-Phishing Simulation is compatible with SCORM/AICC/TINCAN. The module can be loaded to the LMS and the scores can be captured.

Yes, the scores can be captured on the Learning Management System( LMS).

A customer’s official email address is all that is needed to run a Phishing Assessment. No other personal or organizational data is needed for the same.

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