Our Information Security and Data Privacy Awareness course adheres to Hong Kong’s Personal Data Privacy Ordinance and can help strengthen your team’s capabilities. The course fortifies data protection and ensures compliance with legal mandates, providing a shield against cyber threats.

Audience: All/ End-Users, Learning time: 35-40 minutes

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The Information Security and Data Privacy Awareness course is designed to strengthen organizations’ primary defense against cyber threats in alignment with Hong Kong’s Personal Data Privacy Ordinance. This training imparts crucial knowledge of principles and best practices for safeguarding individuals’ personal data in Hong Kong.

The course has an assessment at the end.

Section 1: Cyber Threat Landscape
In this section, users can learn about real-life data breach incidents, which enhances their understanding of security threats and creates a sense of urgency to be vigilant in handling information in their day-to-day work life.

Cyber Threat Landscape

Section 2: Essential Elements of Information Security and Data Privacy
This section covers the fundamental aspects of information security and underscores the significance of information value.

  • CIA Triad
  • Data Classification
  • Types of Personal Information
Essential Elements of Information Security and Data Privacy

Section 3: Common Cyberattacks and Prevention
Within this section, employees will learn about prevalent cyber-attacks and discover effective prevention strategies, preparing them to encounter potential threats proactively.

  • Phishing and its variants
  • Ransomware
  • Disinformation
Common Cyberattacks and Prevention

Section 4: Practicing Information Security at Work
This section will discuss real-life challenges and provide practical measures for employees to prevent them.

  • Secure Access to Facilities
  • Safe Remote Working
  • Securing Access Credentials
  • Safe Internet Browsing
  • Safe Usage of Email and Collaboration Platforms
  • Safe Social Media Usage
  • Safe Usage of AI Apps
  • Safe Usage of Information Storage and Transfer
Practicing Information Security at Work

Section 5: Understanding the Hong Kong PDPO Law

This section provides insights into the fundamental concepts and principles outlined in Hong Kong’s PDPO law. The PDPO principles are essential for comprehending and upholding the region’s data protection and privacy standards.

  • What is the Hong Kong PDPO Law?
  • Why is PDPO important?
  • Who does PDPO apply to?
  • Definitions under the PDPO
  • Rights of a Data Subject
  • Responsibilities of PCPD under Hong Kong PDPO law
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance with the PDPO Law
  • Tips to comply with the PDPO Law
Understanding the Hong Kong PDPO Law

Section 6: Reporting Security Incidents and Privacy Breaches
This section highlights privacy breaches and security incidents, guiding how to report them appropriately.

  • What is a privacy breach?
  • Examples of privacy breaches
  • Overview of Information Security Incidents
  • Examples of Information Security incidents
  • Reporting Privacy Breaches and Security Incidents
Reporting Security Incidents and Privacy Breaches

Section 7: Summary and Assessment
This section summarizes the key takeaways from this course. Also, an assessment towards the end to test the knowledge level and understanding.

  • Summary
  • Assessment
Summary and Assessment

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