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5 Essential Security Tips While Cruising Online

5 Essential Security Tips while cruising online The Internet has changed our lives in a significant way but has simultaneously brought about several security threats. By using a combination of preventative measures and making good choices online, you can stay safe while browsing the web. The team at Security [...]

Are you using the most-hacked password

Top 5 most popular passwords Passwords are important to help your personal or business accounts stay private and secure. But if you use passwords like ‘Chelsea’, ‘Liverpool’ or ‘12345’, your account may get compromised. Hence, it is important to choose a password that is difficult for the attacker to [...]

Beware of Office 365 based phishing scams

How Scammers approach the users? A new set of phishing campaigns using Microsoft accounts as bait has been making rounds. Scammers entice the targets using different phishing campaigns like voicemail notifications, fake admin alert, spam mail notifications or unusual sign-in activity emails. This is an infographic giving the gist [...]

Is your voice assistant overhearing your business conversation?

Is your voice assistant overhearing your business conversation? Voice assistants have revolutionized the way we live our lives. Today, almost every organization or home owns a voice assistant. They can perform a variety of actions after hearing a wake word or command, like answering your questions, doing online purchases, [...]

Tarmac Malware : A new malware targeting macOS

Tarmac Malware A new malware dubbed 'Tarmac' distributed via malvertising campaigns targeting Mac users had been discovered. This infographic gives a brief of the incident. Would you like to build Cybersecurity and Compliance courses and campaigns with amazing content? [...]

Did you receive a message from your favourite YouTuber?

Received a direct message from your favourite YouTuber? You might be phished! A recent phishing scam has been making rounds targeting YouTube users. The scammer impersonates the victim’s favourite YouTube personality and lures them into completing a fraudulent survey. The Security Quotient team has developed an Infographic that summarises [...]

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