Micro learning

Why is Microlearning the Future of Cyber Security Awareness Training?

With the increasing need for cyber security awareness, companies find it challenging to train their employees effectively. Long, exhaustive training videos have proven ineffective, especially in a busy corporate environment where time is of the essence. In such scenarios, taking 30 minutes from work to attend a long course is challenging and disruptive to their workflow. Additionally, retaining information after attending such a course is often difficult, resulting in failed delivery of cybersecurity awareness to employees.

However, with the advent of micro-learning, companies now have a solution to their cyber security training needs. This article explores the concept of micro-learning and why it is the future of cybersecurity awareness training.

So what is microlearning?

As the name suggests, microlearning courses deliver micro information. Microlearning courses are short-format courses that offer one objective at a time, thus proving to be a more effective and engaging solution than traditional e-learning courses.

This bite-sized learning format focusing on one content at a time boosts engagement and can be easily integrated into daily activities.

Let us dive a little deep into the benefits of microlearning.

Low cognitive load 

Employees wouldn’t even feel like they are gulping information since it becomes part and parcel of their work life. By breaking down complex topics into small chunks, employees can consume information in bite-sized pieces, reducing mental stress and making the learning process more manageable.

Stay updated and increase productivity

Since microlearning courses don’t take much time, you could deliver courses daily with a single dose of information. Since the objective of a course is repeated throughout the microlearning, it automatically gets imprinted in one’s brain. Instead of taking an extended break from work to attend a training session, employees can complete microlearning courses in just a few minutes, improving their productivity and reducing downtime. Employees can stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity threats and best practices without disrupting their workflow.

Faster onboarding process

Microlearning courses can also help companies speed up their onboarding process. Instead of having new hires read through lengthy manuals about office culture, rules, and job responsibilities, these concepts can be condensed into concise microlearning courses. This makes it easier for new employees to understand and remember the information, which can lead to a faster and more efficient onboarding process.

Better engagement and faster learning

Employees are more likely to stay focused and engaged with the content by delivering information in small, bite-sized pieces. This approach also reduces cognitive overload, a common problem with longer training sessions. The shorter duration of microlearning courses means employees can complete them quickly and move on to other tasks.

The Solution

Bite-sized lessons for big-time security

To achieve this, we have come up with a one-stop shop for all your cyber security awareness needs.

Security Quotient’s Product Engineering Team has developed a comprehensive solution for your company’s cybersecurity awareness needs. Our product offers micro-learning courses that are easily accessible to employees from any device and location.

These courses cover various cyber security topics curated by our Cyber Security Research Team, who uses the Intelligence platform developed by our Product Engineering Team to stay up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity threats and trends.

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