Because, off-the-shelf is not you

Cyber security awareness programs,
100% custom-made

Custom-made training perfectly integrates your security policies, brand elements and cultural nuances, in your language.

Integrate your security policies

Avoid confusing employees with generic information. Be assured that the training will be crafted around your policies, with precision and clarity.

Incorporate your brand

Logo, color scheme, fonts, image specifications, tone of language, we have you covered. The training will look like it is yours because it is indeed, made for you.

Respect culture, celebrate diversity

We perfectly understand and pay attention to cultural nuances. We celebrate diversity by including imagery from your workforce ethnicities.

Speak your employees' language

Show you care by delivering training in native languages. We use native language speakers as content translators to ensure quality.

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Inclusive and for the differently abled

We believe that training is for all. We create special content for the differently abled. An example is audio books for the visually impaired..

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Free live demo

Experience customised security awareness in action

Live demo includes examples of custom-made security awareness content, customization workflows, real case-studies and more.