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The Security Quotient team demonstrating Virtual Reality Cyber Security Awareness Training.

Be yourself, that’s who we’re hiring. Our work culture celebrates the differences that make us unique. We wish to work with you irrespective of where you are from. What matters is your work.

Current openings

We are not limited by the listings below. If you do not find a job role that suits your skills, please feel free to send your resume to hr (at) securityquotient (dot) io.

Job Title: Full Stack Developer


The candidate will be responsible for the continuous development of a Cyber Security awareness training and data analytics app powered by micro-learning.

Roles and responsibilities

The incumbent will work with a team of UI designers, front end developers and testers. We seek candidates with experience in Microsoft and/or Open Source technologies and platforms.

Candidates having 3 - 5 years of Software development experience with the ability to integrate well with a team.


A suitable bachelor’s or master’s degrees along-with certifications is desirable. We consider experience and attitude more than degrees.

Hands - on experience in Microsoft or Open Source technologies.

1. Open Source – One or more of the following Angular JS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB.

2. Microsoft - ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server.

Experience in building web applications

Experience with cloud technologies like Azure and or AWS is preferred

A commitment to on-time delivery

Be proactive and work well with the team

Location Type – Remote Work / Telecommute

Employment – Full Time / Permanent

Job Vacancy Posted On – 3rd September 2020

Job Location – Kochi / Kerala / India

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Job Title: Cyber Security Threat Analyst


"The Cyber Security Threat Analyst will be the trusted source of Cyber Security information

He or she will work in the role of a researcher and advisor. He or she will be the primary source of pure Cyber Security research and advisory. The information provide by the analyst will be used by internal teams to produce - advisories, training content (e-learning courses, micro-learning videos, infographics), quaterly reports and more.

Roles and responsibilities

Researching and identifying latest Cyber Security attacks, malware, incidents, and other relevant information on a daily basis.

Keeping continuous track of emerging cyber threat events and other events of interest.

Preparing briefings fo internal teams using a pre-defined format.

Consulting or assisting the teams in preparing the relevant content.

Verifying the final content for aunthenticity and accuracy.


Two-three years of experience in Cyber Security.

Strong English oral, written, and presentation skills required.

Friendly disposition, ability to work with various teams.

Ability to respond quickly to Cyber Security attacks in order to create awareness content at the earliest possible time frame.

Deep passion for Cyber Security.

Certifications in the field of Cyber Security are an added advantage.

Location Type – Remote Work / Telecommute

Employment – Full Time / Permanent

Job Vacancy Posted On – 10th August 2020

Job Location – Kochi / Kerala / India

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Job Title: Content Developer


Be involved in designing, creating and editing cyber security awareness content. Based on the requirements of the project, a content developer needs to create new content, rewrite the existing content, edit and proofread. He or she must clearly understand the objectives of the organization, the target audience and must develop simple, easy-to-understand, user-friendly content. Further, they must gather information to analyse requirements of the clients. They must be excellent collaborators and complete deliveries on schedule.


0-2 years of work experience.

Strong proven editing, research and writing skills.

Ability to engage positivel with demanding clients.

Excellent communication and writing skills in English.

Knowledge of Articulate Storyline 360 would be an added advantage.

Location Type – Remote Work / Telecommute

Employment – Full Time / Permanent

Job Vacancy Posted On – 8th July 2020

Job Location – Kochi / Kerala / India

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Job Title: E-Learning developer


The E-Learning Developer will be responsible for designing and developing meaningful and interactive e-learning modules for the LMS. The E-Learning Developer will work with the team, meeting all the requirements of the clients and gathering relevant content from various sources.

Roles and responsibilities

Create eLearning modules using Articulate Storyline 360.

Work with subject matter experts and create engaging e-learning courses.

Collaborate with the design and video development team to develop graphics and videos required for the e-Learning modules.

Work with subject matter experts for reviews of e-Learning content.

Work with other members of the team, track issues in training materials and drive their resolutions.


Should have 1-3 years of experience in Articulate Storyline 360.

Certification in Graphics Design, Media Development or similar is an additional advantage.

Ability to engage demanding clients.

Excellent communication and writing skills in English.

Location Type – Remote Work / Telecommute

Employment – Full Time / Permanent

Job Vacancy Posted On – 8th July 2020

Job Location – Kochi / Kerala / India

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Remote work opportunities

We actively promote remote work. This enables us to work with talent anywhere in the world. Further, it helps promote employee wellbeing and reduces carbon footprint.

The perks

All our positions come with standard benefits as per applicable rules and regulations.

1. Flexible work location – We will let you work from anywhere in the world with anyone.

2. Room to learn – Learning is built into every role here and policies cover reimbursement for courses and certification.

3. We’ve got you covered – Our benefits include comprehensive health insurance, 6 months fully paid maternity leave, paternity leaves and so much more.

4. Everyone has a voice – Innovation doesn’t know hierarchy. We make sure everyone is heard, considered and respected.

5. We’re vibrant. You’ll love it – celebrations, tournaments, DIY Fridays and team lunches. Need we say more?

The way we work

Being a company that was born online, our work philosophy embraces creativity and collaboration. We eschew rigidity in favour of flexibility. We favour collaboration instead of silos. We want to be a microcosm of the whole world.

Our work philosophy embraces the following beliefs and principles;

We are artists

Art is a means of creative expression. Security awareness training is a channel through which Cyber Security managers can express the importance of Cyber Security. By treating security awareness training as an art, we create beautiful e-learning courses, micro-learning videos, infographic posters and customized content that enables Cyber Security managers to positively connect with employees.

Work from anywhere in the world

The notion that workers must travel and congregate in a building with four walls and a roof to get work done is invalid. At Security Quotient, we believe that we can be a truly global company, distribute our work and make it happen anywhere. We leverage amazing technology to connect, collaborate and produce awesome work.

Work with anyone from anywhere in the world

We look beyond the horizon to seek amazing talent. We are ready to embrace and nurture talent from anywhere in the world. Our doors are open. We wish to be a truly global company that can work with people across geographies.

Evaluate employees by one important parameter - Work

When truly global, we may not see team members every day. We may not be able to observe them work. But, this gives us an opportunity to evaluate people by the one parameter that matters - Work. Our evaluation parameters are driven by a simple question - What did you achieve?

Deeply care about the well-being of employees

Work should bring joy. Families should not bear the brunt of a father or mother who trudges home after a day of horrible commute back and forth from work. Children deserve healthy parents more than immensely salaried parents.

As a company, we must give confidence to every worker that they can blend a beautiful family life and a beautiful career when they work with us.

We actively encourage remote work. Our policies are friendly to parents to help raise their children better. We have stringent controls and reporting mechanisms that help to report harassment.

Consider planet earth in every decision we make

We want to grow, we want to be profitable, but without hurting the environment.

Any question of business expansion or growth must consider planet earth. We promote remote work to reduce carbon footprint by reducing commute, cooling and power consumption. We do appreciate or pursue so-called success criteria like huge office spaces, car parking etc as we believe they harm the environment.