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Data Breach at NetworkSolutions,, and

Data Breach at NetworkSolutions,, and Top domain name registrars, and were hit by a data breach.Cybercriminals infiltrated the computing systems and accessed customers' Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The companies claimed that no credit card data was compromised in the attack. This is an [...]

Adware infected apps in Google Play store and Apple Store

Adware infected apps in Google Play store and Apple Store Researchers have discovered dozens of apps infected with clicker Trojan malware on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The trojan performs ad-related malicious activities in the background, such as opening web [...]

Common Malware Types

Common Malware Types Malware threats are on the rise, continuously adopting new strategies and infecting more computers than ever before. They often disguise as pop-up ads, software updates or other legitimate programs.The most effective way to protect yourself and your business systems is to implement simple Cybersecurity safeguards such [...]

7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud user data exposed!

7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud user data exposed! Are you an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber? If yes, look out for potential phishing attacks. Nearly 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users are prone to phishing attacks as their records were exposed online. The exposed data was inside an unsecured Elasticsearch database [...]

Sharing an infographic on ‘Emerging Hacking Techniques’

Sharing an infographic on 'Emerging Hacking Techniques' Cyber attacks are on the rise, but this shouldn't stop you from using the Internet. Be aware of the latest attack methods that pose potential risks for organisations and individuals. This infographic gives you an overview of the new hacking methods of 2019. [...]

The Medusalocker Ransomware

The Medusalocker Ransomware. Stay Alert! Security experts have discovered yet another ransomware, the Medusalocker infecting victims from all over the world.Once infected, the ransomware makes files useless by encrypting them. It also interferes with anti-malware tools, security program, applications, and deletes certain files needed for data recovery.The Research Team [...]

Sharing an infographic on Zombie Accounts

Sharing an infographic on Zombie Accounts Recall the online account services you have. Abandoned accounts can be exploited by hackers to gain access to your critical information. This is an infographic about Zombie accounts. Would you like to build Cybersecurity and Compliance courses [...]

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