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Securing Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has been the driving force behind the digital transformation of industries such as manufacturing, transportation and healthcare. However, the more popular IIoT becomes, the more interest it attracts among cybercriminals. [...]

Securing Enterprise IoT

IoT devices are attractive targets for cybercriminals as they offer a large attack surface vulnerable to security breaches. Organisations need to take the necessary steps to ensure that their devices and data are adequately protected from [...]

Securing IoT devices

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are now embedded in every part of our lives as more devices become connected to the Internet each day. Cyberattacks on IoT devices continue to rise at an alarming pace due [...]

Data Privacy in the era of Artificial Intelligence

AI brings to the table the ability to gather, analyze, and combine vast quantities of data from different sources. The potential impact of AI on privacy is immense and it is imperative to look into them. [...]

AI-Powered Malware attacks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies can be weaponized to increase malware's effectiveness, making it more autonomous, more sophisticated, faster, and harder to detect. Download Infographic Download and share the infographic for free with employees. [...]

Artificial Intelligence as a security solution

Cybercriminals are using advanced methods to bypass security programs. Artificial intelligence can be used as a security solution for the Cyber Security team to detect security threats, reduce breach risk, and improve their security posture.  [...]

Can AI predict your password?

81% of data breaches leverage a stolen or weak password. Cybercriminals can combine existing hacking tools with AI, making it easier for them to figure out your passwords. Download and share the infographic for [...]

Phishing attacks powered by AI

Phishing has been a major cyberattack vector from the time of its origin. Now, it is teaming up with Artificial Intelligence, one of the most powerful emerging trends in technology. Download and share [...]

Security Quotient Alert – Recent Deepfake Attacks

Deepfake attacks are proliferating at an alarming pace. Deepfake videos and audios can be leveraged by cybercriminals to commit fraud, defame, impersonate and spread disinformation. Download Infographic Download and share the infographic for free [...]

Executive impersonation attacks: The next big deepfake scam

Cybercriminals are increasingly impersonating C-level executives using manipulated media or deepfakes generated with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They trick an employee into unwittingly transfer money to a fraudulent account or share sensitive data. [...]