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Major cyber attacks of 2020

If the spate of bad news and tidings of 2020 wasn't enough, the news on the cyber security front is far from rosy. A spate of cyber attacks has shaken corporations and individuals to the core. [...]

Five tips to secure your mobile devices

The rapid growth of technology has forced users to rely on mobile devices heavily. Along with several functionalities, mobile devices are vulnerable to various cyber risks and, due to their portability, they are also susceptible to [...]

Five effective tips to secure your data in the cloud

In today's digitised world, many organisations are moving to cloud services for storing their data. Cloud data security has become a priority for organisations, as more data is moving to the cloud. When an organisation takes [...]

Caller ID spoofing

In caller ID Spoofing, cybercriminals deliberately falsify the information transmitted to your caller ID display to hide their identity. The recipient is thus tricked into giving away valuable personal information so that it can be used [...]

Cyberattacks on pharmaceutical industries

The digitalization of the pharmaceutical industry has led to an exponential increase in cyberattacks. Threat actors ranging from crime syndicates and business competitors to Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) groups try to get hold of proprietary information on trade secrets, drug patents and clinical trials.  [...]

Be wary of online shopping scams!

The online shopping world can be a dark place where cybercriminals steal your sensitive data, money and even your identity. Cybercriminals use latest technologies to set up fake online shopping websites that look like genuine ones. [...]

Fight against surging BEC scams

Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams are an ever-present problem in the business world with scammers creating more elaborate campaigns and covering their tracks to evade detection. BEC scams generate around $301 million every month, or $3.6 [...]

Protecting intellectual property in the pharma industry

Pharmaceutical companies are undergoing a rapid digital transformation. Recently, pharma and biotechnology companies are the prime target of cybercriminals than they were in the past. An enormous amount of sensitive and private information such as employee information, [...]

The sooner you update, the sooner you’ll be secure

Software Updates – Why this is essential for computer and devices. The main aim of releasing critical patches is to resolve harmful security vulnerabilities presented in the software. When you postponed updating your outdated software, you [...]

The human element: Where Cyber Security begins

We always speak about cyber security and security software. But, have you ever thought about the importance of human element in cyber security? Human error alone creates a pool of cybercrimes such as phishing, watering hole [...]