Video streaming has become popular on online platforms for both entertainment and business purposes. With the rise in this usage comes increased security risks.

Infographics- Security risks with streaming video
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Stream grabbing & Re-Uploading

Your content could be stolen or copied by cybercriminals in order to generate views and get ad revenue.

Stream Sniping

In stream snipping, an online gamer exploits the information by watching a livestream of their opponent.

Overloaded Live Chat

Cybercriminals can post suspicious links in a live streamer’s chat to spread malware.


Cybercriminals can gain access to your online accounts using the personal information you shared while streaming online.

How can we avoid these risks?

  • ┬áHide portions of your screen while playing online games, like server names or chats (UI).
  • Always use a dedicated email address to set up your streaming accounts.
  • Create a strong password for your accounts using a combination of letters, numbers, characters and symbols.