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Choose a Plan or build your own.

Our plans deliver consistent Cybersecurity end-user training, non-intrusively, around the year.

The essential plan for kickstarting your program. Optimised to deliver 80 minutes of annual training.
End-User Training Course
12 Infographics
12 Multi-purpose flyers*
2 Micro-learning courses
More intense, expand training for specific roles and functions. Optimised to deliver 120 minutes of annual training.
Everything in the Bootstrap Plan
2 more micro-learning courses
1 Employee Cybersecurity Handbook
Build your own
Wow! So, you have a different idea on Cybersecurity Awareness & Competence Training?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available courses?2019-06-26T17:06:32+05:30

We have courses under two categories, Cybersecurity and Risk & Compliance.

How can I purchase courses?2019-06-26T16:53:28+05:30

You can purchase a course as a single unit or along-with other courses. You can also subscribe to a plan or build a custom plan. Plans offer courses, infographics, digital designs and handbooks.

Can I view a demo before making a purchase?2019-06-26T17:07:32+05:30

Yes. Please send an email to and we will arrange a free online demo.

How are the courses priced? Do you charge based on the number of users?2019-06-26T17:16:13+05:30

All courses are priced based on the value of the knowledge provided. Additional charges are applicable for customisation. Please contact for pricing.

No, we do not charge based on the number of users.

How is each course licensed? Is there a renewal process?2019-06-26T17:19:05+05:30

All courses are licensed for perpetuity. In effect, this means that the course is valid for lifetime. There is no renewal process for an already purchased course. New versions of the courses, if released, must be purchased separately.

Can the course be hosted on Sharepoint/Intranet without an LMS?2019-06-26T17:22:07+05:30

Yes. The courses are web compatible. But to capture user interactions, quiz scores and to create a report, an LMS (Learning Management System) is required.

Are the courses HTML5 or dependent on Adobe Flash?2019-06-26T17:22:36+05:30

All courses are HTML5 and Flash Compatible. Depending on the browser and device, the HTML5 or Flash Version is launched. No manual intervention is necessary.

Are all the courses SCORM compliant? Do you support other standards like AICC/Tin Can?2019-06-26T17:26:16+05:30

Yes, all courses are SCORM 1.2 compliant. We can provide AICC and Tin Can formats as well.

Are the courses responsive?2019-06-26T17:31:29+05:30

Yes. The course layout auto-adjusts itself by detecting whether the viewing device is desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Do you have more content (Infographics, Digital Designs, Flyers etc.) apart from courses?2019-06-26T17:35:54+05:30

Yes, we do. You can consider purchasing a plan or building a custom one which offers a variety of Cybersecurity training content that will help you deliver 80 or 120 minutes of Cybersecurity Training a year.




Are the courses narrated?2019-06-26T17:37:08+05:30

Some of them have built-in voice narration. Some of them do not. We have kept the option open for our customers to choose a Voice (language, accent, gender etc.) to add voice as customised service. Please contact us at to know more.

We have provided the following voice narration for our courses so far – English (UK, US, Indian), Arabic, Spanish, French and Brazilian Portuguese.

Content Features

SCORM/ AICC or Tin Can

e-Learning courses are SCORM 1.2 compliant by default. SCORM 2004, AICC and TinCan formats are available on request.

Assessments & feedback

All e-Learning content is integrated with assessments on PASS/FAIL thresholds.

High quality human voice narration

High quality voice narration in UK English is integrated with all courses.

Learning by doing

3D enabled, interactive, engaging e-Learning courses focusing on “learning and doing“.

Language translation

The content you wish to purchase can be translated into the language of your choice upon request.

Essential customisation

Add Company logo & Information Security department contact details in the content you purchase.

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