5G technology will remodel every business and every industry. It will provide infinite opportunities for technological and commercial developments. But it also poses a new set of Cybersecurity risks. What are the cyber security risks that accompany 5G adoption?

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Cybersecurity concerns of 5G

  1. Decentralised security as the 5G network is software-centric and have far more traffic routing points.
  2. Sensitivity concerns in network hardware due to the unique architecture and new functionalities.
  3. Network-based threats that can compromise the availability and integrity of 5G networks.
  4. Connecting billions of hackable IoT devices to the 5G network means billions of possible breach points.

We recommend the following to win the 5G race:

  1. Implement Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for threat detection.
  2. Make sure that your network is updated as soon as the patch is available.
  3. Consider a zero-trust architecture for identity and authorisation for all devices on the 5G network.