Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies can be weaponized to increase malware’s effectiveness, making it more autonomous, more sophisticated, faster, and harder to detect.

Infographics- AI-powered Malware attacks
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Malware developers are using AI to:

  1. Solve CAPTCHAs to sneak past authentication methods.
  2. Scan social media to find the right people to target with spear phishing campaigns.
  3. Create customised spams to target specific people.

Deeplocker: A malware that uses AI as a weapon

  • A highly targeted and evasive malware.
  • Developed by nation states to infect millions of systems.
  • Hides its malicious payload in benign carrier applications such as video conference software to avoid detection.
  • The payload unlocks once it reaches its intended target.

How to defend against malware?

  1. Backup your files regularly to allocated network shared drives.
  2. Regularly update software to protect against the latest vulnerabilities.