Air-Fi Technique is used to extract data from an air-gapped computer, which is physically isolated and not connected to other networks.

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How Air-Fi Works? 

  • Attacker implants a specially designed malware on the air-gapped system. 
  • The malware manipulates the electrical current inside the RAM on the air-gapped computer to generate electromagnetic radiation at a 2.4 GHz frequency.   
  • The attacker infects the nearby Wi-Fi enabled device to intercept the generated signals and exfiltrate the air-gapped system’s data. 

How to prevent Air-Fi attacks? 

  • Avoid placing Wi-Fi enabled devices near the isolated or air-gapped systems. 
  • Always monitor air-gapped systems for suspicious activities. 
  • Restrict external devices, including push-button phones, in the enterprise. 
  • Use signal jamming techniques to prevent the transmission of Wi-Fi signals around the air-gapped system.