Cybercriminals are using advanced methods to bypass security programs. Artificial intelligence can be used as a security solution for the Cyber Security team to detect security threats, reduce breach risk, and improve their security posture. 

Infographics- Artificial Intelligence as a security solution
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Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

  1. Modeling user behavior
    AI monitors the behavior of system users. The AI-powered system detects unusual activity whenever a different user uses the account and immediately alerts the system admin.
  2. Applying AI in antivirus products
    Malware programs execute functions that are different from standard computer operations. AI antivirus solutions can immediately detect and block malware programs from accessing systems resources whenever they are introduced to a network.
  3. Automated network and system analysis
    Cybercriminals use command and control tactics to penetrate network defences without being detected. AI-enabled cyber defences utilise anomaly detection, keyword matching, and statistics monitoring to detect all network or system intrusion types.
  4. Scanning emails
    Anti-phishing email tools with AI capabilities can be used to identify phishing emails by performing in-depth inspection on links. Also, anti-phishing tools simulate clicks on links to detect phishing signs.