The holiday season comes along with great deals on most of the online shopping sites. During this global pandemic, most of our shopping will be more virtual than ever. This hive of online spending will attract the attention of cybercriminals to launch their online scams. 

Infographics- Be cyber ssafe this black friday and cyber monday
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Tips to protect yourselves from being victims of cyber attacks:

  1. Keep an eye on fake websites:

    Verify the authenticity of websites before proceeding.

  2. Always connect to known Wi-Fi networks:

    Use a private Wi-Fi connection or your smartphone’s cellular network while shopping online.

  3. Be wary of ads, giveaways and contests:

    If a site is offering a deal that is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.

  4. Think before you click:

    Be cautious while clicking on any unknown links. Never respond to emails that seem suspicious or are from unknown sources.

  5. Be cautious of online transactions:

    Verify that the website is secure and legitimate before sharing the payment information.