The online shopping world can be a dark place where cybercriminals steal your sensitive data, money and even your identity. Cybercriminals use latest technologies to set up fake online shopping websites that look like genuine ones. For a safe and secure shopping STOP, THINK and ACT.

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  • Fake retailer websites:

    Scammers are developing legitimate-looking e-commerce websites to conduct credit card fraud and identity theft.

  • Online auction fraud:

    Scammers may claim that you are the winner of an auction. Once they have your money, you will never hear from them again and may even result in compromised bank accounts.

  • E-commerce fraud:

    The common types of e-commerce fraud themes include credit card fraud, identity theft and bogus returns.

    Remember to follow these tips to ensure safe online shopping.

  • Exercise caution and shop only from secure websites.
  • Use a VPN when conducting sensitive transactions
  • Do not share sensitive information on untrusted websites.