81% of data breaches leverage a stolen or weak password. Cybercriminals can combine existing hacking tools with AI, making it easier for them to figure out your passwords.

Infographics- Can AI predict your password?

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AI-supported password-guessing techniques

  • AI-based password brute-force attack
    This next-generation password attack will intelligently construct an attacking dictionary based on old passwords and apply in real-time brute force attacks.
  • Password Generative Adversarial Network (PassGAN) based attack
    PassGAN is a password-guessing tool made using an AI algorithm that analyses leaked passwords and generates high-quality password guesses.

How to protect yourself from password-guessing attacks?

  1. Enable multi-factor authentication mechanisms wherever possible.
  2. Choose memorable phrases to create strong and unique passphrases.
  3. Never reuse passwords. Keep different passwords for each of your online accounts and services.