While individuals and organisations are trying to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals are not on lockdown. They are trying to exploit the fears and uncertainty of individuals by using existing attacks with new twists.

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COVID-19 related threats to look out for…

      • Phishing scams:

        Scammers are designing emails masquerading as notifications from the WHO, CDC or Government authorities with COVID-19 updates.

      • Malware:

        Cybercriminals are utilising COVID-themed spam campaigns in distributing malware, including ransomware and Trojan, to steal sensitive information.

      • Fake mobile apps:

        Cybercriminals are developing malicious apps disguised as COVID-related resources. These are engineered as info-stealer trojans or spyware.

      • Malicious websites:

        A variety of malicious websites which are registered with the word ‘Corona’ aimed at credential harvesting and malware injection, were discovered recently.


Be vigilant at all times and never fall victim for COVID-based threats.