Deepfakes are synthetic (fake) media generated using the Artificial Intelligence techniques of deep learning.

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Types of deepfakes

  • Face-swapping
    Replacing or reconstructing a target’s face or key features with another person’s features in a video.
  • Puppeteering
    Creating 3D models of the target face and body in a video to act and speak as the puppeteer.
  • Lip-synching
    Rendering mouth movements and facial expressions to make the target say things exactly the same as a pre-recorded voice.
  • Voice cloning
    Using voice recordings of an individual to generate synthetic voice similar to the original voice.
  • Image synthesis
    Using deep learning and GANs (Generative Adversarial Network) to create real-looking images.

How to stay safe?

Be cautious of deepfakes and verify the authenticity of videos or audios asking you to share sensitive information.