Disinformation is the deliberate spreading of inaccurate news and information that are designed to persuade users to take certain actions or hold specific beliefs. Is social media trustworthy? Are malicious actors influencing our thinking with false information? Discover more .

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Common types of disinformation

Deliberate misinformation

Fake news shared for profit among targeted groups of people who want to believe that it is true and spread it without verifying.

Clickbait headlines

Clickbait headlines are designed to attract user attention and entice them to follow a link that does accurately reflect the heading.

We recommend the following to stay safe:

  1. Consider the source before believing.
  2. Read beyond the headlines.
  3. Do a quick search on the author.
  4. Check the authenticity of the information before sharing/ posting.

Pay attention to the small details and stay safe from big scams.