In today’s digitised world, many organisations are moving to cloud services for storing their data. Cloud data security has become a priority for organisations, as more data is moving to the cloud. When an organisation takes steps towards cloud-based functionality, how data is stored, secured and accessed becomes a top priority. Remember, if you are not focusing on cloud security, your data can be compromised.

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Did you know?

1 in 4 companies using public cloud services has experienced data theft by a malicious actor.

Cloud security best practices

  • Managing access control: Ensure that only authorised users have access to the cloud environment, applications, and data.
  • Password Hygiene: Follow password security best practices while handling cloud. Use strong authentication systems and never use shared passwords.
  • Vulnerability Management: Perform vulnerability assessment and security audits regularly.
  • Data encryption: Do not rely on cloud service encryption. Encrypt sensitive data with your own keys before uploading it to the cloud.
  • Security and user activity monitoring: Perform regular security and user activity monitoring across all environments and instances.