If the spate of bad news and tidings of 2020 wasn’t enough, the news on the cyber security front is far from rosy. A spate of cyber attacks has shaken corporations and individuals to the core. The ongoing pandemic, if not for all, has proven to be a boon for cyber criminals. A glance at the spate of Covid-19 related phishing attacks are enough to stress the point. Apart from this, the rise in proliferation of collaboration apps has created new attack surfaces for malicious actors. Apps like Zoom have already suffered breaches.

Recap of cyber attacks


Cybercriminals infiltrated the internal network by tricking a few employees using a phone-based phishing attack. They then took control of some high profile accounts to spread a bitcoin scam.


Through credential stuffing attack, credentials of around 500, 000 Zoom accounts were exposed in the dark web.


Magellan Health Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates were the target of a ransomware attack. Cybercriminals gained access to their systems and obtained 365, 000 patient records.


By gaining access to the internal data system, cybercriminals obtained personal data of approximately 5.2 million guests.