Phishing has been a major cyberattack vector from the time of its origin. Now, it is teaming up with Artificial Intelligence, one of the most powerful emerging trends in technology.

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What are the risks?

  1. AI crafted messages can easily bypass email spam filters by learning how people communicate.
  2. An AI learning model with ample ‘training data’ can mimic people’s writing styles and create personalised messages.
  3. AI uses the most effective combination of words and internal details in emails to increase the phishing URL click rates.

The last line of defense

AI powered phishing emails are hard to prevent and detect but a few best practices can still save your day.

  1. Thoroughly check the sender email ID before responding to an email. Be cautious of email domain imitations or public domains.
  2. If the email asks for sensitive information or unsolicited cash payments, verify by contacting the sender directly or via phone.