Clinical trial data is highly valuable for pharmaceutical companies to examine and evaluate the efficacy and safety of new medical products.

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Examples of clinical trial data

  • Administrative and demographic information
  • Personal data of participants
  • Laboratory test results
  • Information on drugs
  • Diagnosis and treatment information

Why is safeguarding clinical trial data important?

  • To avoid falsified or fabricated data, e.g. making patients eligible, inflating a treatment effect.
  • To preserve the integrity of clinical research and avoid plagiarism.
  • To ensure that the privacy rights and overall wellbeing of trial participants are safeguarded.

who targets clinical trial data?

  • Fraudsters may try to get hold of the data to sell it in the black market.
  • Competitors and nation-states looking to steal valuable intellectual property and research.

Cost of clinical trial data loss

  • Financial loss or regulatory fines
  • Ill reputation
  • Disruptions in business operations

Stay on your guard and look out for potential threats to protect our business data.