Pharmaceutical companies are undergoing a rapid digital transformation. Recently, pharma and biotechnology companies are the prime target of cybercriminals than they were in the past. An enormous amount of sensitive and private information such as employee information, medical records, financial data and research data is collected by pharmaA data breach in pharma can have serious consequences such as stolen intellectual property and clinical trial data, reputational damage, lost revenue, and even litigation. 

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Examples of intellectual property

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyright
  • Trade secrets
  • Research data

How do you keep intellectual property safe?

  • Know the intellectual property : Determine the IP assets of the business, where the assets are located, license and renewal terms.
  • Label valuable intellectual property : IP assets should be categorised as per the sensitivity. Sensitive IP assets should be managed only by those with a need to know.
  • Manage access privileges : Have role-based access privileges that are frequently reviewed and updated instantly with changes in employment status.
  • Secure your intellectual property : Encrypt and limit the number of copies of sensitive IP stored both physically and digitally. Also, dispose of sensitive data securely.
  • Educate employees : Ensure employees without access to IP know what to do if they inadvertently come across IP.
  • Strictly monitor third party access: Protect against the unauthorised disclosure and theft of confidential information or trade secrets by third parties.