Remote Access Trojan is a malware designed to provide cybercriminals covert surveillance, unauthorised remote access and administrative control of a victim’s device. Are cyber criminals constantly finding innovative methods to gain remote access? You bet they are, with RATs (Remote Access Trojans).

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RAT infections are typically carried out via spear-phishing and social engineering attacks.

Why do cybercriminals deploy RATs?

  1. RAT program allows cybercriminals to acquire sensitive information, spy on victims, and remotely control infected devices.
  2. They are a powerful tool to launch further attacks without the knowledge of the victim as this Trojan does not slow down the affected device.
  3. A RAT paired with a keylogger can easily acquire login credentials or discreetly turn on a device camera/ microphone.

We recommend the following to stay safe from RATs:

  1. Never click on links or download attachments from unreliable sources.
  2. Be wary of emails or phone calls, asking you to install an application.
  3. Ensure that your device’s Operating System and web browsers are updated with latest patches.