There are two trends going vertical. Remote working (work from home) and usage of IoT devices. As more employees work from home, they are exposed to IoT devices such as coffee makers, thermostats, TVs and refrigerators. The cyber security posture of these devices are inherently lower than enterprise grade systems.

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Threat model

The likelihood of an attacker implanting malware in an IoT device is high. The movement of the malware from the IoT device to the end point device of the employee and further to the enterprise could be disastrous.


  1. Most employees are non-tech, which means they use the default settings of the IoT device
  2. Most employees are yet to have clear awareness programs and communication built around IoT threats.
  3. IoT manufacturers are yet to adopt the same stringent security testing procedures or rather a security first mindset

Remote/ home is critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is not isolated to the data center or the VPC in the cloud. The boundaries are vague. For the sake of the security of the entire enterprise, these new threat vectors must be factored into enterprise security planning.