A smart home is equipped with several internet-connected devices, performing a specific set of functions. Even though these devices simplify users’ lives, they also give rise to new complications in home security.

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How an attacker utilises compromised devices?

The attacker can utilise the capabilities and functions of the devices that are connected to the compromised devices for malicious activities.

  1. Smart bulb
    Turn on all of the lights in the home or facility to overload the power system.
  2. Smart voice assistant
    Play their voice commands or steal voice data as credentials for other voice command systems.
  3. Smart lock
    Take control of who gets in or out of the house or facility.
  4. Smart gateway
    Control connected devices remotely, redirect or modify connections to their advantage.
  5. Smartwatch
    Spoof other devices connected to the watch and steal user data.

How to secure smart devices?

  • Avoid public Wi-Fi networks and use a strong encryption method for Wi-Fi network access.
  • Change default and weak passwords of the devices to avoid unwanted access or attacks like brute force or dictionary etc.
  • Ensure that security patches are applied as soon as they are released.