Emotet is a Trojan that primarily spread through spam emails with malicious script, macro-enabled document file, or malicious link. Discover Emotet, a banking trojan that spreads through SPAM emails, links and attachments.

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How does Emotet works?

  1. Arrives as a legitimate-looking invoice or payment notification email.
  2. The recipient is persuaded to click on a malicious link or download an infected attachment.
  3. The victim unwittingly sets in motion a macro that downloads a malicious payload.
  4. Once downloaded, Emotet establishes persistence and attempts to spread to the local networks.


We recommend the following to stay safe:

  1. Never click on suspicious links or attachments received in emails.
  2. Ensure that the system antivirus is running and updated.
  3. If you find any suspicious activity, report it immediately to your IT helpdesk.