We always speak about cyber security and security software. But, have you ever thought about the importance of human element in cyber security? Human error alone creates a pool of cybercrimes such as phishing, watering hole attacks and other social engineering attacks. Cybercriminals are refining techniques to target the human layer rather than infrastructure. Social engineering is the primary tactic used by cybercriminals to exploit human psychology. A recent example of a cyber security incident that exploited the human element is the WannaCry ransomware which affected around 150 countries.

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Why cybercriminals target human?

  • They have access to critical data, systems and networks with valuable information.
  • It is more reliable and lucrative to utilise the ‘HUMAN ELEMENT’ of curiosity and trust rather than expensive and quickly patched automated exploits.

Common cybersecurity mistakes by humans

  • Sharing credentials on phishing sites
  • Clicking on malicious links or attachments in emails
  • Visiting malware-laden websites
  • Plugging infected devices to computer/ laptops

Be the ‘HUMAN FIREWALL’ who identifies the cyberattacks and protect sensitive business information from falling into the wrong hands.