Software Updates – Why this is essential for computer and devices. The main aim of releasing critical patches is to resolve harmful security vulnerabilities presented in the software. When you postponed updating your outdated software, you inadvertently leave your device and data in risk.

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The importance of software updates and patches

  • Software updates have immense benefits:

    Software updates can fix security holes, eliminate bugs and add new features.

  • Unpatched software is vulnerable to attacks:

    Cybercriminals take advantage of vulnerabilities in the target system and third-party software to launch sophisticated attacks.

  • Software updates help to protect your sensitive data:

    Unauthorised intrusion to your system and data can be avoided by updating your software and operating system with the latest patches.

  • Unpatched devices are not all about you:

    If the cybercriminal gains access to your unpatched device, the connected systems and networks may also get compromised.

Be wary and always keep your software and system updated with latest patches.