The ubiquitous nature of email communication makes your email account an attractive target for cybercriminals.

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What makes your email account vulnerable to attacks?

  • Sharing email address publicly
  • Using a weak passwords for the accounts
  • Clicking on malicious links or attachments in emails or websites

Signs your account have been hacked…

  1. Your contacts are receiving messages not sent by you
  2. Online password stop working
  3. Slow and unusual system performance
  4. Ransom notes on the device

We recommend the following if your email account has been hacked

  1. Run an end-to-end antivirus scan.
  2. Change your account password and security questions immediately.
  3. Notify your email contacts that you have been hacked.
  4. Change any other accounts with the same password.
  5. Check your email settings.
  6. Enable multi-factor authentication.

Finally, learn from the experience. Be vigilant and take more security steps to avoid further attack