Custom made Cyber Security Awareness and Behavior Training

Custom-made Cyber Security Awareness and Behavior Training

Your training must be uniquely yours. Precisely align and adapt training content to your organization’s culture, brand, language and compliance targets with our custom-made solutions.


Integrate your security policies

Avoid confusing employees with generic information. Be assured that the training will be crafted around your policies, with precision and clarity.

Incorporate your brand

Proudly convey your brand identity by featuring your logo and brand colours. Further, adapt your corporate tone of language and imagery standards in the content.

Respect culture, celebrate diversity

We perfectly understand and pay attention to cultural nuances and religious sensitivity. We celebrate diversity by including imagery featuring various ethnicities.

Speak your employees’ language

Touch every employee with Cyber Security by delivering training in the end-user’s language. We only use native language speakers as content translators.

Inclusive and for the differently-abled

We believe that training is for all. We create special content like audio-books, sub-titled content and background audio narration for the differently-abled.

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Learn more about multilingual training content and tailor-made courses for differently-abled.

Multi-lingual training

Touch every end-user with security awareness by translating content to preferred languages.
100% customizable.

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For the differently-abled

Some of us see and hear differently. Hence, Security Quotient delivers inclusive training with the help of audio books and assisted learning techniques like subtitles and voice-overs.

Discover inclusive security awareness

Explore training courses

Explore our e-learning courses and micro-learning content. Learn more about how we can create custom-made training content by scheduling a 1:1 session by contacting our support team.

E-learning courses

For employees, senior executives and remote workers. Role, industry and compliance-focused. 100% customizable.

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Respond fast to changing cyber security risk scenarios with short, focused and fast training content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is custom-made training?

Custom-made training are courses and micro-learning content is made specific to your organization. The content will incorporate your security policies. The visuals will be aligned to your corporate branding guidelines. The helpdesk and reporting features will be specific to your organization’s. Further, the training content can be converted to any language that your end user understands better.

Do you create custom-made content for different roles, industries and regulations?

Yes. You can find sanitised examples here – Training for Senior Executives and Remote Workers, industry-specific training for Oil and Gas and BFSI and compliance-specific training like GDPR, PCIDSS and HIPAA.

Why is custom-made better than off-the-shelf?

While off-the-shelf may help you to deploy training faster, the advantage of time may soon be nullified. Employees may find a disconnect between the security posture of your organization and the actual content of the training. Further, without proper brand visualisation, the message is not conveyed deep enough.

Can I know more about custom-made training?

Certainly. Please contact our support team and we shall connect with you to answer your questions.

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