Role-based cyber security training

Deliver cyber security awareness training for employees, senior-executives, remote workers, developers and the IT/ Cloud infrastructure team.

Cyber Security for Employees

Gamified experiences to develop real cyber security skills

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Cyber Security for Leaders

With a deep focus on data breaches, impact and case-studies.

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Secure Remote Working

Enable the remote workforce to work securely when out of office.

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Secure Coding Practices

To train developers on best practices in safe & secure coding.

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IT Security Best Practices

Train the IT team on industry standard security best practices.

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Compliance-focused training

Explore courses on Data Privacy, GDPR, HIPAA and more.

Data Privacy

Train employees to protect organisational and customer data. protecting your organizations data.

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Introduce your employees to General Data Protection Regulation, the roles and responsibilities.

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Learn what healthcare data is and how to protect data through HIPPA law.

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Frequenty asked questions

Yes, they are.

The default language is usually English and we have extensive multi-lingual translation capability. Please view the samples.

Natural human voice narration is added to the course unless explicitly not mandated by the client.

We believe in inclusive learning. Hence, we can deliver audiobooks, content with sub-titles or with background audio narration.

Yes, all courses come with mandatory assessments. The learning time of each module is anywhere between 25 minutes to 40 minutes.

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