Develop Responsible Cyber Security Leaders

A concise and case study-based course for C-level executives and senior managers to tone as a cyber security leader.

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Why this course?

Strong boardroom leadership with a deep understanding of the business context of Cybersecurity is an asset for a successful organisation. This course respects the time of leaders. The focus is on providing essential knowledge precisely and succinctly. Unlike an End-User Cybersecurity awareness course, more time is devoted to real business Cybercrime case studies followed by quality inputs on Cybersecurity Leadership practices.

The audience

Deliver this course to a wide segment of your workforce and external contractors.

CXOs and Senior Executives

The course

Section 1

Cyber Security begins in the boardroom

The importance of Information Security, Facebook data breach – A case study (Please note that case studies are tailor-made for each client)

Section 2

Recent cyber attacks

Introduction to Cyber threat landscape, Recent Information security breaches, Cost of cybercrime, Future possibilities of cyber-attacks

Section 3

Responsibilities of a leader

Your role in Information Security, Awareness of laws and regulations, Data protection laws around the world, Involving yourself in risk management, Becoming a role model by setting the tone, Recent cyber-attacks targeting senior management personnel



LMS compatible

The courses on any standard LMS that supports SCORM, AICC or TINCAN


Mobile friendly

Responsive courses with HTML5 as the underlying technology


Learning time

Each course has an approximate learning time between 25-35 minutes.

Customize this course

Unlike off-the-shelf courses, customized content connects well with employees. At Security Quotient, we perfectly align training content with the organization’s security policies, brand guidelines and cultural nuances. Further, we translate the course to the native language spoken by the end-users along-with audio narration by native language speakers.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions.

An information security awareness training is designed and delivered to teach employees about various cyber security risks, proper cyber hygiene, and how to combat information security breaches.

Information security and privacy are a top priority for C-level executives. The cybercrime landscape is becoming more sophisticated and technologically advanced, making us more committed to information security. C-level executives being at the forefront of cyber security ensures that a right cyber security tone is set for the entire organization.

Information security leaders need to always look for current and upcoming attacks. It is their responsibility to lead others into taking the necessary security measures to protect the organization. Knowledge of laws and regulations, active participation in risk management, and being a role model are the other responsibilities of an information security leader.

  • Conti ransomware attack on government institutions of Costa Rica 
  • Lapsus$ ransomware attack on Nvidia and Samsung 
  • LinkedIn based phishing attack 

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