Arabic Security Awareness Training

Fully customizable courses, translated by native speakers. Aligned with UAE, Saudi, Qatar and Middle-East data protection laws with options for Shariah compliance.

Trusted by the best in the Middle-East

Translated by native Arab speakers

Gamified Arabic Security Awareness Courses, Videos, Flyers and more

For a decade and more Security Quotient has delivered Security Awareness training in Arabic, with each content translated by native Arab speakers. We cater to regional dialects and cultural nuances based on client requirements.

Select and Customize

Select from courses, campaigns, anti-phishing and employee certifications and deeply customize them.

Aligned to regional data protection and privacy laws

Our fully customized courses integrate local data protection laws (Dubai – Law No. 45 of 2021, Qatar – Law No. 13, Saudi Arabia – Personal Data Protection Law), as per client requirements.

Shariah-compliant content

We have worked with some of the leading Islamic Banks in the region and have deep experience in delivering Shariah-compliant content.

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