The rapid growth of technology has forced users to rely on mobile devices heavily. Along with several functionalities, mobile devices are vulnerable to various cyber risks and, due to their portability, they are also susceptible to physical attacks.

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Top 5 tips to stay safe

  • Use strong passwords/ biometrics:

    Lock your phone with a password or fingerprint detection.

  • Avoid third-party apps:

    Only download from reputable sources. Check the ratings and comments before installing apps.

  • Update operating system and anti-virus regularly:

    Ensure that your operating system and anti-virus is updated with the latest patches.

  • Avoid public charging stations:

    Use a power bank for charging your devices. Free USB charging outlets are known to teal data using a technique known as juice jacking.

  • Set up remote wipe:

    Enable remote wipe in your device. In case your device is lost, you can remotely delete all your data.