Discover, analyse and eliminate cyber security blindspots

Delta is your trusted tool to find, analyse and eliminate cyber security blindspots and bring you closer to your compliance goals.

Benefits of using Delta

Delta helps you identify cyber security blindspots across multiple dimensions.


Precisely identify cyber security awareness blindspots in your workforce.


Check whether your organization’s cyber security culture is negative or positive.


Discover how your workforce feels about cyber security.


Check how human cyber security gaps affect your compliance posture.

Discover human cyber security blindspots

Delta’s assessment tools help cyber security managers identify weak areas of security awareness across job roles. This information helps to create precise training programs and deploy compensatory controls to eliminate the gaps.

Analyse culture and check sentiments

Delta’s culture survey and sentiment analysis modules gauge the cyber security culture of the organization. Further, sentiment analysis helps in checking whether the culture is positive or negative.

Identify and close compliance gaps

Delta provides a comprehensive view of how human weaknesses affect your organization’s cyber security compliance posture and provides guidance to eliminate the gaps.

Accelerate security awareness with micro-learning

Make security awareness training quick, engaging, and low-stress.

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