DevSecOps and DevOps Training Solutions

Developing software applications outside of DevOps/DevSecOps best practices can put an organization at high risk. DevOps and DevSecOps safe practices integrate tools that enhance coding and application development security throughout the software development workflow. Our DevOps/DevSecOps training solutions tailored to your needs will help your team acquire a secure mindset.

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Secure Application Development

Fig: Secure application development learning path

Prepare employees in understanding secure application development standards. Schedule a Demo to explore more

Secure Coding Practices

Fig: Secure coding practices learning path

Introduce your employees to Secure coding practices through a course that highlights the various practices related to coding. Schedule a Demo to explore more

Frequenty asked questions

Find answers to common questions.

Yes. Our courses are SCORM or AICC or TINCAN compatible to ensure that they fit into your LMS.

Yes, they are.

The default language is usually English and we have extensive multi-lingual translation capability. Please view the samples.

Natural human voice narration is added to the course unless explicitly not mandated by the client.

We believe in inclusive learning. Hence, we can deliver audiobooks, content with sub-titles or with background audio narration.

Yes, all courses come with mandatory assessments. The learning time of each module is anywhere between 25 minutes to 40 minutes.

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