Dedicated, Security Awareness Training Instance

Get the training modules, tools, reports and platform to make
security awareness an automated and continuous process.

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Everything you need to run a round-the-year security awareness program.

Training Library

Wide choice of training modules based on user-roles, best practices and compliance.

Scheduling and automation

Plan and schedule your training calendar up to a year in advance.

User and group management

Organize and map training content to specific groups and users.

Reports and dashboards

Keep stakeholders and auditors happy with real-time reports and scorecards.


Encrypted databases, SSO, redundancy and failover management.

Industry benchmarking

Compare your training program performance with industry peers.

Simple and clean workflow

Designed to help cyber security managers spend less time on the app and more time on cyber security.

Create a training plan

Choose training modules from the library based on topics or target audience. Save them to a new plan. You can edit and change the plan anytime.

Schedule and automate

Choose the target audience (users or groups). Deliver immediately or schedule for later. Choose the time based on appropriate time zones where the target audience is located.

Deliver the modules

As employees complete the training, the analysis dashboard is updated continuously with real-time data. The data includes attendance, quiz scores and benchmarking with industry peers.

Analyze the reports and benchmark

The training module(s) are delivered as per the schedule via email. Slack and Teams integration is coming soon.

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