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Building End User Security Awareness & Competence

Conventional training solutions focus only on Security Awareness.  At Security Quotient we engineer immersive, virtual, real-life Cyber Security Training content that transports the employees beyond awareness to the realms of Cyber Security competence. As a result, the employees acquire valuable Cyber Security skills.

Train employees using Cyber Security experiences.

Experience-based Cyber Security training immerses the employee in a real Cyber Security risk situation. Consequently this approach helps the employee to analyze the risk and make decisions. The outcome of the decisions, whether good or bad, creates an experience. Accumulation of experiences builds knowledge and skills.

Security Quotient provides immersive, virtual learning experiences.

3D enabled e-Learning courses

Micro 3D enabled e-Learning courses

Handbooks & Digital Designs

Animated short

What does the end user pack contain?

The end user security awareness training package is rich in content and wide in spread. Hence, you have enough materials to run a continuous and consistent security awareness program throughout the year.

Security Awareness Content Quantity
3D enabled Virtual End User Security Awareness Training Course 1
Micro 3D enabled Virtual End User Security Awareness Training Modules 6
Information Security Handbook 1
Infographics 12
Digital designs (Suitable for posters, screen savers, desktop wallpapers, LED TV displays) 12


Plans & Pricing

Our pricing models are budget-friendly and scale easily from small businesses to big ones. Quick launches can be done with cloud-hosted solutions or opt for flexible enterprise plans.

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Depending on your bandwidth please allow some time for the courses to load.

3D enabled Virtual e-Learning courses

The best way to equip end users to solve real Cyber Security risks is by exposing them to these risks in a safe and virtual environment. Our courses enable end users to experience and solve real Cyber Security risks and gain valuable Cyber Security skills.

Micro 3D enabled Virtual e-Learning courses

Short and precise Information Security e-Learning experiences.

Animated Videos

Pause, Think and Act

Staying safe from phishing attacks

Handbooks,Infographics & Digital Designs

Have you tried the Dojo?

The Dojo is a fully equipped cloud hosted learning platform hosting security awareness courses. Hence, it is easy to manage training for 1000s of users without the hassles of owning and managing infrastructure.

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