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Immersive, Virtual Cyber Security Awareness Training

Designed to deliver Cyber Security learning experiences through realistic risk simulations.

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Enable employees to build real Cyber Security Skills

In order to mitigate Cyber Security risks, the employees must not only have awareness but need to be able to tackle a Cyber Security situation. Therefore, Security Quotient’s simulation based Cyber Security training imitates real life risk situations. In effect, this reliable and successful approach enables learners to gain experience and acquire valuable Cyber Security skills.

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Give employees the opportunity to experience Cyber Security risks, safely

Skills can only be acquired through experience. In order to gain Cyber Security experiences, Security Quotient’s 3D enabled risk simulation trainings safely recreate risk scenarios. Subsequently, these scenarios enable the learner to analyze risks, take decisions and produce an outcome, all in a safe virtual environment. Now, the outcome, despite being positive or negative, creates an experience. By exposing the learner to numerous risk simulations over a period of time, adds to the experience, thus building a strong knowledge base and Cyber Security skills.

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