Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your most frequently asked questions regarding our services.

Training Solutions

What are the different types of training content you provide?

We provide e-Learning courses, micro-learning videos, animated games and Infographics. The courses and micro-learning videos are SCORM, AICC or xAPI (TIN-CAN compatible).

Can the training content be customized to suit our organization’s policies and guidelines?

Yes. Most of our clients prefer customized training content as it fits their purposes better. The employees react positively to tailor-made content.

We customize content to adhere to the client’s security policies, brand guidelines, cultural nuances and regional data privacy laws. Further, we can translate the content to any language the client prefers. Further, we can create tailor-made content for employees who are differently-abled. Please read more about our custom-made services.

Can I buy training content alone without subscribing for the learning platform (The Dojo)?

Yes, you certainly can. You can request a pricing quote and our Sales team shall be in touch with you.

The Training Platform

What is the Security Quotient Training Platform?

The Security Quotient Training Platform is an online application that provides 3 solutions.

1. Cyber Security Baseline Assessments, which helps in assessing the initial cyber security awareness levels of your employees

2. Cyber Security Training, using behavior-focused approach

3. Data Analytics, to deeply analyse learning data, understand risks and create mitigation plans

How is the Training Platform provisioned for the client?

Every client gets a private instance of the Training Platform on AWS or Azure. There are no shared databases and the user data remains under the exclusive control of the client. Please find more information here.

Can I customize the Training Platform?

Yes, you will get your own unique URL and IP Address. Further, portal will feature your logo and the accent colours will be set to your brand colours.

Can I buy content from other third parties and load in the Training Platform?

Unfortunately, no. The Learning Platform is a deeply integrated ecosystem using our own proprietary content that is ultimately linked to the data analytics platform. Every content is custom-made to provide output in a pre-defined format to the data analytics algorithm. Hence, we are unable to load 3rd party content as the format and structure will be incompatible.

Can I get a demo of the Training Platform?

Yes, please submit a request for demo. We shall organize an online 1:1 demo for you and your team.

Custom-made Solutions

Can you create training content specific to my industry?

Yes, we certainly can. You may explore sanitised samples of industry-specific training courses here. Further, you may wish to talk to our support team to understand more about our custom-made solutions.

Do you create role-specific training for employees?

Yes, we certainly do. You will find samples here for end-users, senior executives and remote workers.

Can you create compliance-specific training for GDPR, HIPAA, PCIDSS etc?

Yes. Please find sanitised samples here.

I have unique requirements for security awareness training. Can you help?

We are here to listen and to understand your needs. Please get in touch with us.

Plans and Pricing

How do you price your products?

Training content is priced based on the number of users and period of licensing. Customized training content creation is based on the effort involved in terms of man-days.

The Dojo (learning platform) is priced based on the number of users who will access the system and the period for which the platform will be subscribed.

How can I get a price quote?

Please get in touch with our Sales Team for a precise quote.

Do you have pre-defined plans or can I build my own?

We do not have pre-defined plans since each customer has their own unique requirements. Rather, we have a training library, platform (The Dojo)  and analytics. We integrate these three components in a manner that best suits each client. Further, we can customise the training and platform to align with the client’s security policies, brand, cultural nuances and language.

Have we answered all your questions? If not, please do get in touch with our Support Team or Sales Team. We are here to answer any queries that you may have regarding our products and services.

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