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A fully managed service by Security Quotient to proactively expose phishing entry points, fortify your security controls, and transform your employees into a formidable force against phishing attacks.

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Security Quotient’s managed phishing assessment service provides a holistic approach to assessing an organization’s susceptibility to phishing attacks. Here are the features of our service:

Tailored Simulations

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements, industry, and the specific phishing techniques most relevant to their sector to create phishing simulations that closely mimic real-world attacks encountered in their industry.

Phishing Campaign Execution

As per client-specified frequency, our assessment team executes targeted phishing campaigns, using advanced techniques and tools to send authentic-looking emails or messages that mimic real cybercriminal tactics.

Employee Response Analysis

We closely monitor and analyze employee responses to simulated phishing attempts, tracking metrics like click rates and conversion rates. This data forms the basis for our comprehensive reporting on employee behavior and susceptibility to phishing attacks.

Detailed reporting

Our comprehensive reports provide key insights and metrics from the phishing assessment, identifying vulnerabilities, high-risk areas, and individuals. We offer actionable recommendations to strengthen security measures and mitigate phishing risks.

Targeted Training

We don’t stop at identifying vulnerabilities. Our focus is on education and training. Based on the assessment results, we offer tailored anti-phishing training programs, empowering employees to effectively recognize and respond to phishing attempts through interactive modules, workshops, and ongoing support.

Benefits of Managed Phishing Assessments

Managed phishing assessments offer several benefits to organizations in enhancing their cybersecurity posture and mitigating the risks associated with phishing attacks. Here are some key advantages:

Risk identification

Managed phishing assessments help organizations identify their vulnerabilities and weaknesses regarding phishing attacks. By simulating real-world scenarios, these assessments reveal areas where employees may be susceptible to phishing attempts, allowing organizations to prioritize and strengthen their security measures accordingly.

Employee awareness

These assessments raise employee awareness about the tactics and techniques employed by cybercriminals in phishing attacks. By experiencing simulated phishing attempts, employees become more vigilant and better understand the red flags to watch for, enhancing their ability to detect and avoid real phishing attacks.

Facilitate targeted training

Managed phishing assessments provide valuable insights into the areas where employees may need additional training or education. Organizations can utilize this information to deliver targeted anti-phishing training programs that address specific vulnerabilities and reinforce best practices, ultimately improving their overall security posture.

Improve incident response readiness.

By conducting managed phishing assessments, organizations can enhance their incident response readiness. Employees become more familiar with the steps to take when encountering suspicious emails or messages, reducing the chances of falling victim to phishing attacks and minimizing the potential impact of successful attacks.

Security culture development

Managed phishing assessments contribute to building a strong security culture within the organization. Employees become actively involved in protecting sensitive information and are more vigilant in their day-to-day activities.

Compliance and regulations

Many industries have specific compliance requirements related to cybersecurity and data protection. Managed phishing assessments can help organizations meet these requirements by demonstrating proactive efforts to assess and improve their security posture, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

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