A customizable course to enable your workforce with the expertise to safeguard critical operations and proactively prevent breaches in industrial sectors, leading to strengthened security and optimized operations. 

Audience: All/ End-Users, Learning time: 30-35 minutes

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This course provides an understanding of OT systems and essential cybersecurity practices to protect them from potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities effectively. 

Section 1: Introduction to OT
This section offers employees a concise introduction to operational technology and highlights its importance.  

  • What is OT? 
  • What is ICS? 
  • What is SCADA? 
  • Common industrial sectors using OT systems 
  • OT vs. IT domain 
  • IT-OT convergence 
  • What is OT cybersecurity? 
  • Importance of OT cybersecurity 
Section 1: Introduction to OT

Section 2 – OT Threat Landscape  

This section provides examples of real case studies and associated risks regarding the data breach under OT. Also, the section makes employees aware of the security threats related to OT systems. 

  • OT security breaches – Real case studies 
  • Security threats to OT systems  
  • Malware infiltration via removable media 
  • Malware infection via the Internet and intranet 
  • Insider threats 
  • DDoS attacks and IoT-botnets 
  • OS system vulnerabilities 
  • AI exploitation vulnerabilities              
Section 2 - OT Threat Landscape  

Section 3 – Cybersecurity Best Practices for OT Systems  

This section provides the best practices employees can adapt to protect themselves from potential threats. Also, it defines OT security incidents and emphasizes the need to report them promptly. 

  • Securing physical premises 
  • Safe usage of email and internet for OT systems 
  • Safe usage of removable media devices for OT systems 
  • Securing access credentials  
  • What is an OT security incident? 
  • Report security incidents and suspicious activities 
Section 3 - Cybersecurity Best Practices for OT Systems  

Section 4 – Summary and Assessment 

  • This section summarizes the key takeaways from this course. Also, an assessment towards the end to test the knowledge level and understanding. 
Section 4 - Summary and Assessment 

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