HIPAA Training Course for Employees

Train employees handling patient data to protect and ensure the privacy of healthcare Information.

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Why this course?

Prioritization of protecting sensitive patient health information plays a crucial part in maintaining the integrity of any organization. Expanding data privacy threats have impeded personal privacy. Thus, exposing it to the arena of the cyber threat landscape and disseminating it to the public. HIPAA compliance standards safeguard the sensitive health information from being disclosed to an external unauthorised entity. This interactive module will help you learn the basics of what is a healthcare data which gradually extends to protecting that data through HIPPA law and the related rules and regulations that follows.

The audience

Deliver this course to a wide segment of your workforce and external contractors/suppliers.



The course

Section 1

Healthcare Data

What is Healthcare Data? Why is it important to protect Healthcare data? expanding threat landscape and recent data breaches. 

Section 2

Introduction to HIPAA

What is HIPPA? What is HITECH, HIPAA rules, the healthcare ecosystem and who are business associates? 

Section 3

How to protect PHI?

What information should be protected? Protecting PHI, Principle of least privilege and need-to-know principle, Handling PHI, and General security measures. 

Section 4

Healthcare provider responsibilities

Sharing health information, Examples of Healthcare security violations, Security Breaches and How to report Healthcare security violations? 

Section 5

Summary & Assessment

Mandatory assessment with a minimum pass score as determined by the organization.



LMS compatible

The course runs on any standard LMS that supports SCORM, AICC or TINCAN


Mobile friendly

Responsive course with HTML5 as the underlying technology


Learning time

The course has an approximate learning time of 25-35 minutes.

Customize this course

Unlike off-the-shelf courses, customized content connects well with employees. At Security Quotient, we perfectly align training content with the organization’s security policies, brand guidelines and cultural nuances. Further, we translate the course to the native language spoken by the end-users along-with audio narration by native language speakers.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes the standards for individually identifiable health information in any medium. It ensures the privacy of Protected Health Information. 

Demographic information, medical histories, test and laboratory results, mental health conditions, insurance information and other data a healthcare professional collects to identify an individual are considered as PHI or Protected Health Information. 

No. Two types of organizations are regulated under HIPAA: Business Associates and Covered Entities. Following are the list of entities which needs to be HIPAA compliant: 

  1. Healthcare providers 
  1. Healthcare clearinghouses 
  1. Health plans 
  1. Business associates 

The five HIPAA rules are as follows: 

  1. HIPAA privacy rule 
  1. HIPAA security rule 
  1. Omnibus rule 
  1. Breach notification rule and, 
  1. Enforcement rule 

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